Don‘t know, how to make your event unforgettable? Use the ideas of VMG!


VMG created unique performances, when desserts of outstanding taste are made. For you, yor friends and colleagues we will show, what is behind mysterious haze of nitrogen. On custom-made LED-lit table for you we will create a dessert, garnished with such ingredients as milk crumbs, fresh or freeze-dried berries, edible moss, olive crumbs, popping sugar, and others. There is no magic – only meticulous work, which colours your event and guarentees quality. Based on the preferences of the client, we can also offer you a dessert that is served to each guest in an individually sealed VMG signature can. Additional serving props and individualized solutions are also available. We are open to new solutions!


VMG team as well is preparing gourmet dinners, getting more and more popular in the world. If you don’t want to be one of the many restaurant clients and wish to get more than menu on the table, try this totally different offer for your family or friends dinner. We individualize the menu according to the occasion and the preferences of our clients, invite the guests over to our culinary studio or come to the venue of your choice. But we promise that in every place you can enjoy unexpected and high quality dishes! And if the dinner is held in our studio, we work in a modern kitchen, engaging our guests with the process and inviting them to add the final touches to the dishes.


One more our suggestion is interactive tasting evenings in a relaxed environmnet. All your invited team will be engaged in cooking and table serving. You will discover VMG original ideas! We guareantee, that such event will help you to think out of the box and inspire to create not only in your professional activities, but at home as well.