VMG Culinary Awards 2014

As Lithuania is gaining an increasingly bigger importance on the world’s culinary map, the VMG team thought it was high time we recognized those who have made the most significant contributions to the national food business. We selected those businessmen who have started something new in the market and kept it going until today, taking the risk of the unknown and that way becoming the pioneers in their own spheres. During the ceremony on March 31st, eleven awards were given out in the Vilnius Congress Concert Hall, with beautiful performances by Lithuanian singers Girmantė Vaitkutė and Justė Arlauskaitė – Jazzu, who prepared a special program together with the „Ąžuoliukas“choir.

Moments from the Awards (pictures by Martynas Plepys) :

The winners of the VMG Culinary Awards 2014 were congratulated with special awards statues:

1. Romas Zakarevičius, Anna ir Aleksandras Ciupijai („Stikliai“): for the first restaurant in the country after regaining the Independence of Lithuania;
2. Arūnas Oželis („Marche de Provence“ ): for the first restaurant of French cuisine;
3. Nidas Kiuberis („Coffee Inn“): for the first take-out coffee shop chain;
4. Henrita Kontrauskienė („Ida Basar“): for the ancient Lithuanian cuisine restaurant and the Museum of Culinary Heritage;
5. Kristupas Baublys („InVino“): for the first wine bar in Lithuania;
6. Algimantas Jablonskas („AJ Šokoladas“): for the first chocolate house in Lithuania;
7. Irena Čereškienė ir Monika Čereškaitė („Taurakalnis“): for the first event-catering company;
8. „Čiop čiop“ culinary studio: for the promotion of informal culinary education;
9. Beata Nicholson: for the contribution to the culinary book publishing market in Lithuania;
10. Children restaurant-theatre „Kukumuku“: for the iniciative;
11. Restaurants “Time”, “Bistro1dublis” bei “Linassamėnas”: for being one-of-a-kind.